Catalyst Farming:
making a positive difference

We derive many benefits from working together as Catalyst Farming.

``Interaction and discussion gives that inspiration, practical guidance and excitement to push ahead and do better``

Ed Salmon, NE Salmon Ltd

``Farming needs a different direction. We can use our own Catalyst Farming data to be better farmers``

Poul Hovesen, Salle Farming

``We need to farm to that sweet spot where we hit all our KPI’s from business profit to biodiversity``

James Beamish, Holkham Farming

``Our farming is only as good as each decision we make and with Catalyst Farming I have the information I need for better decision-making``

Tom Pearson, Raynham Farms

``Sharing, comparing and discussing the data we collect is a really useful way to evaluate the decisions we’ve made and also allows us to make better decisions in the future``

Dominic Swan