Tom Pearson – Raynham Estate

“I have a really exciting career path already. It’s far more exciting being part of the forward-thinking group such as Catalyst Farming than just a single farm.

After university (Cirencester where I did a degree in agriculture), I started working at Holkham in 2015. I did the spraying, drilling, combining and my BASIS qualification which was a really stable footing for a career in agriculture but my goal was always management. Four years later, in 2019, I started at Raynham, another business in Catalyst Farming, as farm manager.

Being part of the group, and farming 7000 ha between us, gives us a lot of influence when it comes to attracting companies and scientific leaders who want to work with us so we can push the boundaries and take modern farming to the next level.

There is so much negativity just now, not just in agriculture but in all aspects of life, but I see huge opportunities in farming in the next 30-40 years and I want to be involved in that.

Things have changed a lot even in my career so far. We have got to keep moving. We cannot afford to stand still. Being involved with Catalyst Farming allows me to stay stimulated, aware of the options and what’s changing, whether that be policy or anything else.”