Catalyst Farming Training Academy

We believe in attracting and nurturing the best talent for our businesses.

Develop your agricultural career with us

Our Catalyst Farming Training Academy provides high-level training and valuable on-farm practical experience that are there foundation for a satisfying and exciting career working in progressive contemporary farming.

Read what our previous academy participant Tom Pearson and current participants Ben Dawes and Connor Tindall-Read say about their careers with us.

Why did we set up the Catalyst Farming Training Academy?

To be the best in what we do we need the best teams. All the five farm businesses in Catalyst Farming rely on a high calibre workforce with the dedication, enthusiasm, attention to detail and constant curiosity needed in high performance farming.

Our Academy trainees, as with our staff, have come to agriculture not just through apprenticeships, college or degree studies but also through sheer ambition or even as a complete career change.