Catalyst Farming
better together

We are four farms collaborating together. With research & commercial partners we test, discuss, choose & use best practice. This is enhancing the productive, financial & ecological results of our farming.


Our farming

Catalyst Farming was founded by four Norfolk farming businesses: Holkham Farming Company, NE Salmon Ltd, Raynham Farms and Salle Farms (Company).

Catalyst Farming’s Data Analyst is Dominic Swan. Agronomy for the group is provide by Steve Baldock of Prime Agriculture.

The sum of our scale is that we farm over 7,500 hectares with 700 fields across different parts of Norfolk. Our crops include winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley, oilseed rape, sugar beet, spring beans, rye, maize, potatoes and a small area of vining peas, multi-species herbal leys, grass seed and spring wheat.

We are united by a belief in harnessing the power of data to inform our decision-making.

We also share a common approach: questioning and fine-tuning our farming.

We believe in the value of attracting and nurturing the best young talent to grow their farming careers through working and learning with us through our Catalyst Farming Training Academy.

In summary, we scrutinise, discuss, share, adjust and monitor current and alternative techniques and varieties.

How Catalyst Farming helps

There are many positive benefits from being part of Catalyst Farming.

We get a major boost from being with like-minded, forward-thinking and ambitious agri-professionals and the discussions we have at our meetings.

On farm, we are also already benefiting from making change happen. As a result of our meticulous data-gathering, testing and subsequent introduction of different techniques and inputs we are already making incremental changes improving performance and profitability.